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I wanna draw more, so I made this challenge for myself to get more active. I may not submint every piece into my gallery (just in Scraps). I don't have much time, so it would be a weekly challenge.
If you like this challenge, feel free to do it with me! :D (I would be happy to see others weekly drawings, so please let me know if you're participate! :D )

Let's see!

1st week
New avatar

New avatars by Cicckafark

2nd week
Self portrait or something for devID

3rd week
Redraw something from 2012

4th week

5th week
Landscape without any exact character

6th week

7th week
Quick sketches about everything I see

8th week
One page comic (max 8 panels)

9th week
Draw a scene from the last movie I saw

10th week
Design a witch character

11st week
Life drawing

12nd week
Grab a dialogue from a movie I never seen before and draw a storyboard for it

13rd week
Redraw something from 2013

14th week

15th week
Pick random plants, trees or flowers, and try drawing them in any style

16th week
Draw some characers' silhouette

17th week
Try to represent a time of the day, mainly with the use of colours

18th week
Draw a human(oid) character, based on a location (can be exact places like hometown or a mountain, or generic places like forest, cove, city, etc.)

19th week

Short story (max 2-3 images)

20th week

World creation - Environment

21st week
World creation - Characters (in motion)

22nd week
World creation - Details (plants, creatures, technology, etc.)

23rd week
Redraw a something from 2014

24th week
Buildings in perspective

25th week

A house from inside

26th week
Life drawing

27th week

28th week
My desk

29th week

Draw a scene from our FRPG (Arcana Bellum)

30th week
My bag, and everything in it

31st week

32nd week
Design min 3 lizard character

33rd week

Redraw something from 2015

34th week
One character from anywhere in motion

35th week
Draw a scene from the last movie I saw

36th week
The 9th week's drawing but with a very different feeling, style, etc.

37th week
Faces from this video: [link]

38th week
A room or a landscape with characters

39th week
Create a "timeline" with my fursonas

40th week
Listen a new song and draw something for it

41st week

42nd week
Plants in our flat

43rd week
Redraw something from 2016

44th week
Same character, different faces/looks

45th week

46th week

47th week
A couple

48th week

49th week
Grab a random photo's colours and draw a scene with them

50th week

51st week

52nd week



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